Hawaiian Accent Pillows

Pillows look great in all areas of the home, especially with rattan, bamboo or wicker furniture.
  • coco-palms-pillow-khaki
    Coco Palms Pillow with Cord Trim$93.00$59.00
    18" x 18" pillow with matching cord trim in Khaki background. Fabric is upholstery-weight cotton bark cloth. Zipper closure.
  • Hawaiian-heart-pillow-2018
    Heart Pillow$69.00$39.00
    Heart Pillow with raffia fringe in Bird of Paradise (Burgundy) upholstery-weight barkcloth fabric.
  • orchids-black-pillow-cord
    Pillow with Cord Trim - Choice of fabrics$79.00
    18" x 18" Pillow, with matching cord trim, in your selection of classic cotton bark cloth or cotton twill fabric. Zipper closure. (As shown: Orchids Black-Classic)
  • pillow-bullion-fringe-bird-burg-Hawaiian-Pillow
    Pillow with Chunky Cotton Fringe - Choice of fabrics$109.00$89.00
    Vintage style Hawaiian pillow with chunky cotton fringe. In your fabric selection. Pillow is 18" x 18" with zipper closure. (As shown: Bird of Paradise-Burgundy UPH)
  • Orchids_Nat_2012.jpg
    Raffia-Fringe Pillow - Choice of fabrics$79.00
    18" x 18" pillow, with raffia-style fringe, in your selection of classic bark cloth or cotton twill fabric. Zipper closure. (As shown: Luau-Black)
  • 3_panel_palm_trees_uph.jpg
    3 Panel Pillow - Choice of fabrics$89.00
    Your fabric selection goes in center panel. Basketweave pattern on side panels and back. Pillow is 12" x 24" with zipper closure. (As shown: Palm Trees - Natural).
  • Hawaiian-shell-lei-pillow-2015
    Shell Lei Pillow$89.00
    12" x 24" Pillow in choice of solid Black or solid Sand bark cloth. Pillow features wide raffia-style braid and a real shell lei.
  • grass_band_pillow_luau.jpg
    Pillow with Raffia Braid - Choice of fabrics$79.00$59.00
    12" x 16" Pillow with braided raffia bands in your selection of fabric. Zipper closure. (As shown: Luau-Black)
  • envelope_w_2.jpg
    Envelope Pillow - Choice of fabrics$99.00
    18" x 18" Envelope Pillow with raffia-style fringe and large bamboo button in your selection of classic bark cloth.
    Basketweave Print or Solid Color Pillows
    Variety of pillows in "lauhala" basketweave print or solid colors. Durable, upholstery-weight fabric. Shell fringe and neckroll pillows have braided raffia-style trim. Basketweave print or solids in a selection of colors (indicate at check-out).

    My Shell Fringe Pillow $99.00

    14" Lauhala Neckroll $87.00

    18" Cord Pillow $89.00

    18" Pillow with raffia fringe $89.00
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