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New memberships are all valid for 1 full year! You will receive instructions on how to complete your membership upon successful purchase of this item! All TUG memberships now come with free classified ads in the TUG Timeshare Marketplace!

TUG 1 Year Membership Renewal     

For this $15 renewal, you will be extending your TUG membership for 1 full year from its current expiration date! You also receive up to 25 free ad credits in the TUG Timeshare Marketplace

TUG 3 Year Membership Renewal     
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Select this product to renew your TUG Membership for 3 years at a special discounted rate! Your membership will be extended 3 years from its current expiration date and also earns up to 75 free ad credits for use in the TUG Timeshare Marketplace which is a $225 value!

TUG Other Orders                          

Use this order form to place orders that do not conform to the standard orders. Each unit is $1, so just use the quality number box to enter the total dollar amount for your order. Then use the ordering instructions box to indicate exactly what you are paying for. (banner payments, etc)

If you have any problems using these real-time order forms or need additional help placing your orders, you can contact us between noon and 4pm est weekdays toll free at 800-243-1921 ( US only ) and 904-298-3185 or e-mail to tug@tug2.net

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