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Now you can ​participate in our Advertising Program and Product Certificate Program for Only $18.00. Regular price $62.95.

Here's what you receive each month:

1) One (1) Monthly Advertising Program that will ADD about 3-5 NEW Members to your Group each month. Regular Price $38.00.

2)  One (1) Product and/or Sales Aid Certificate. Regular Price $24.95.

Total Regular Price = $62.95. However, your total cost for BOTH programs will be Only $18.00.

How is this possible??? ... Please Read EVERYTHING to find out.

When you join the Advertising Program for $38.00 we will send you a $20.00 Rebate Check every month. Total cost to you Only $18.00!

When you join the Certificate Program for $24.95, you will be able to use this certificate to purchase $24.95 on any of our Nutritional Products, Sales Aids, Bible Lessons Online, or CD. Total cost to you after purchase is ZERO Dollars!

WAIT!!! Your sponsor also will receive a Commission Check for 25% on the Product Certificate and when any of your members join this program you will also receive a 25% Commission Check each and every month.

Can we make it any easier for you? Don't let this FANTASTIC Program pass you by ... GO FOR IT!!!

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Any Questions? Feel Free to call Toll Free 844-246-6760 or email

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$24.95 Product Certificate Program

$24.95 Product Certificate Auto Program

This Auto Program is the EASIEST and LEAST expensive to join and will qualify you as a member with the SAME benefits and commissions as all other programs. 

Receive one (1) $24.95 Certificate per month which can be redeemed for any of *Our Nutritional Products or Sales Aids and qualify you to receive commisions on your group members and purchase any of our Nutritional Products at 65% Off.

Your total cost to join this opportunity after you redeem your certificate is ... $ZERO Dollars ... FREE ... This is for REAL. There is "Nothing Else Like this" ... GO FOR IT!!!  

*To see all of our Organic State-of-the-Art Nutritional Products Click or paste this link:

Questions? Feel free to call us at 216-417-9153. If you don't like talking on the phone then use our 24 hour CHAT/CONTACT US button below. Email us at:

To participte in this program use a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or American Express just click on ADD to Cart below. PayPal is not valid with this program. Cancel Anytime with No Futures Obligation or fees ... Go For It!



Scriptures4us Advertising and $20.00 Rebate Program

An Offer Your Should Not Refuse!

Read EVERY SINGLE WORD on this page.

We have created an Advertising Program that will GUARANTEE you a Rebate Check every month as long as you remain on this program. Here's how it works.

Join the FaceBook Ad for ONLY $38.00 per month for each spot which will add New Members to your group every month. When you do this we will automatically add 3-5 new members to your group each month and notify you via email with all of their information.

WAIT! Next, we will give a Pre-Paid Member whom we have placed on the Bible Lessons Online and then we will Rebate You $20.00 for being this member's sponsor each and every month. Total cost to you after rebate = ONLY $18.00.

Is this "Great or What"

How to Order - You can order 1-4 spots only. Type a 1, 2, 3 or 4 in Add to Cart below.  Maximum is four (4) spots. The more spots you purchase the the more New Members will be added to your Group PLUS $20.00 rebate for each spot.

MUST READ!!! - PayPal is not available for this offer. Only credit or debit cards are accepted.

To use a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or American Express click ADD to Cart below.

Any Questions? By all means, don't hesitate to call Toll-Free 1-844-246-6760 so we can discuss this program with you or click on the Chat/Contact Button below ... GO FOR IT!


Big Time Leads


Get into the Big Time by ordering our 150 to 450 per month list of Potential Buyers.

How Are These Leads Generated?
These leads are generated from generic online ads that share the benefits of working from home. The ads are placed by large affiliate networks and publishers through banners, email marketing and other channels.

Are these leads shared with others?
These prospects could be shared with 1-2 other opportunities, but never with someone in your same opportunity. However, prospects often fill out more than one promotion online, so expect that they are looking and being contacted by others sharing their businesses as well.

How Fresh Are the Leads?
These leads are generated online and go through a stringent process of verification and validation. After passing our tests, they are eligible to go to you. The leads should be from 0-1 hour old when you receive them in your email.

Also, these leads can be used over and over as often as you like. If you want to build a successful Online Store working only minutes a day, then this is the way to go. For more detailed information click only this link 
DO NOT Click on Add To Cart. Only the link above.

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Names and Email Address of Potential Customers

*Twelve (12) Names and Email Address per month of Potential Customers.

Click on ADD TO CART below and type in how many sets you want.

*Make sur you SAVE these names and email addresses in a file so you can email them on a regular basis.

"Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither will your business ... GO FOR IT!!!

$9.95 On Sale! $5.95

Cat-Cover *Scriptures4us Recruiting & Product Catalog

Scriptures4us Recruiting and Product Catalog 

A Full Color 12 page Product Catalog and Recruiting Booklet all in one - A complete description of our Auto Programs, Marketing Plan, Advertising Programs, Givers Program, State-of the-Art Products and much more. Great product knowledge info and recruiting tool.

Minium order is five (5) Catalogs

FREE Shipping!


$2.95 On Sale! $1.25
4us Business Cards *Scriptures4us Business Cards



Customized Business Cards

30 cards for ONLY $3.00. FREE Shipping.

A very inexpensive way to build your business.


$3.50 On Sale! $3.00

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