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      All Natural Organic State-of-the-Art Nutritional Product Line.

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 "To Make and Keep ALL Americans Healthy" 

Our Motto  "As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of the faith." Gal. 6:10.

We offer ONLY State-of-the-Art Nutritional Products ..."Best of the Best"


Look at the labels of the Nutritional Products you are now using and you'll be lucky if you see ONE endorsement. We have five (5) plus many others, which puts us at the top 1% of all Nutritional Companies in the USA ... You can't get better than that!

Definition of State-of-the-Art
 - The most advanced technique or method used. The current level of sophistication of developing technology. The highest level of development, of a device, technique, or scientific field, is achieved at a particular time ... It is ILLEGAL to make the claim State-of-the-Art unless it meets these standards.

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NSF International


Rated in the TOP 1% of all  Nutritional Products in the USA by the NSF. A non-profit International Organization (since 1944) to set a course to create independent standards and product testing programs to help improve overall public health. NSF has more than 140 currently active public health standards and independent testing protocols. They address products ranging from home water treatment systems to kitchen,  household appliances and to dietary supplements.  


Olympic Gold Medalist Charles Vinci


  Voted "Strongest man in the World pound per pound"

  Two (2) Time Olympic Winner in Weightlifting

  Two (2) Gold Medals in the Pan American Games

  Seven (7) Time National Weightlifting Champion

  Hall of Fame Member in Weightlifting

  Holds Twelve (12) World Records


He is a international known Olympian and has been featured in many fitness magazines, videos, newspaper articles, the world wide web and the Encyclopedia Britannica.


Charles' Said: "I have been supplementing my diet my whole adult life and I know if you want to achieve maximum health benefits then you must supplement your diet with the proper nutritional supplements. You have my personal promise that Sciptures4us Nutritional Products are the  "Best of the Best" nutritional products I've ever come across. This product will increase your stamina, immune system, give you more energy, keep you healthy and help your body to fight diseases."


 From a Sport Medicine Graduate


"In an age of the Billion dollar nutritional supplement explosion you have managed to introduce us to the Most Powerful, best tasting liquid multi-vitamin on the planet.


As a Sports Medicine Graduate with a four year Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University and a Sports Medicine Professional, I have been blessed with many opportunities to serve as both a Coach and Medical Team member at several National and International Sports competitions. I thought I had seen all the best supplementation the industry had to offer, until now. Scriptures4us Nutritional Products are in a class of it's own!


I highly recommend Scriptures4us Nutritional Products for everyone who wants to improve their health, well being, immune system and energy levels. This product does it all. Congratulations !” ... David Hillger - Holly Michigan 

"I ordered the Premium Eye Treatment and the Premium Anti Wrinkle Cream and I must say ... I LOVE THEM" ... Mary Bartels- East Newport NY

The Founders

Rosario Abate - Biblical Studies.

 Our Christian Bible Lessons Online will explain to you how God sees, treats and regards you now that you are in Christ. Learn the truth about what God your Father says about the real you. These very  exciting and easy to understand lessons will cleanse your conscience, free you from self, dead works and give you the truth to defeat the devil and all of his false accusations every time. All lessons are taught by former Radio Evangelist and founder of Scriptures4us, Rosario Abate.

"We asked  Rosario to host our daily talk radio Get a Life (taken from 1 John 5:12) because we knew he had the gift of teaching the gospel in an easy to understand format that edifies all who listen. We were proud to have him as our host and we positive that all members of Scriptures4us will love his monthly teaching lessons." Get a Life Ministries, Inc.

John Abate - Director of Quality Control  B.A., M.S., PMP

Mr. Abate has served as our Director of Research and Development since the company’s inception in August 2014. From February 2013 to September 2014, Mr. Abate was an independent consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry, specializing in product development and product quality.


Prior to this, he was employed for over 20 years in various high-level positions in the research and development of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in several prestigious companies, including AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers-Squibb, and Amgen. In these firms he led development teams that brought very important therapies to market for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and various other metabolic diseases.

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