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Salespersonís Pre-Licensing Education

Become an Agent

Our 60 Hour Self-Study course is approved by the Virginia Real Estate Board to meet the 60 hour Principles and Practices of Real Estate course requirement. What make this Elite School of Real Estate self-study-course unique is that you have options. You may register for the class, take the material and complete the assignments at your own pace and completely on your own. Or, you may supplement your study by attending study/review sessions with an instructor. The study/review sessions will be tailored to you and what is most helpful to you. This hybrid method combines the best of both worlds and is designed to both make the best use of your time while providing you the best real world education that will prepare you start your career in real estate. Letís start TODAY!


4 Book PREMIUM Package at a BASIC Price of $399

  • Start
    Self-Study-Principles & Practices of Real Estate $399.00
    Virginia Salespersons 60-Hour Pre-Licensing Self Study
  • 15
    15-Hour Principles & Practices of Real Estate $150.00
    NOTE: This is a 15-Hour supplemental course that may be needed for a student to satisfy the 60-Hour pre-licensing educational requirement.

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